Marina Povalishina was born, grew up, and studied art in Russia. She received her MFA degree from the Stroganoff Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts in Moscow, Russia. Marina Povalishina has been exhibiting her work in shows throughout the U.S. and Russia. Currently, her work is on display in the Raindrop Gallery in Florence, Colorado.She received an Individual Grant from the Belle Foundation, the Scholarship Award from the International Fund "New Names", awards from Alliance of Visual Artists of the Silicon Valley, and , recently, the MTSU Todd Art Gallery award.

  "I love to create people images. My characters don't have real prototypes; I don't use "live" models. A human face attracts me not by the individual features of a concrete person, but as a mirror of man's inner essence. Recently I have been experimenting with canvas (the fabric itself), sewing together the parts of a finished painting with a blank canvas, with the parts of another painting, etc. I can tear a canvas and make holes in it, and then darn damaged spots and add embroidery somewhere. But images of people still stay the main focus in my work." (Marina Povalishina)