Artist Statement


  Recently I have been experimenting around the relationship between the image and the canvas itself: cutting pieces out of the canvas and sewing them together; making holes in it and darning them; adding stitching and embroidery.

  In such a way, I try to challenge the canvas' traditional role of being just a surface for painting but also let it reveal its material essence and show its individuality as an independent medium.

The combination of this kind of a "liberated" canvas with fragments of a conventional  painting in a single composition and their dispute over the supremacy is the main intrigue of my work.

  My intent is to remind the viewer that a painting is simultaneously a conditional illusion of the real world and a material object in itself. Perhaps my work is an attempt to find a visual metaphor for the conflict and agreement that exists between the artist's idea and its material embodiment, between image and reality, and between the created and essential.